Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fighting for respect and dignity (#2248)

We are all human beings, period! As such we all deserve the respect and dignity that being human demands. Privilege and advantage are not to be borne as determining factors. Respect and dignity are the default position not the struggle to achieve. Starting from a position of respect and dignity allows us to build a life based upon what is right and good about us. There will be those who dishonor respect and dignity and for that they must pay a price but no one, I mean no one should ever have to suffer the indignity and disrespect of being condescended to as a lesser human being just for being born, regardless of existential origin. Dignity and respect for all human life is universal and until this is acknowledged by all we will continue to struggle to make it so. That there are human beings who place higher priorities to lesser ideals is the sickness and illness we are fighting against. There are those who continue to look at different souls as lesser human beings and until we bring those out into the open and dispel their illogical arguments we will not be free of their pervasive corrosion. All on our planet are negatively affected by thoughts and actions that turn to policy that reflect division and segregation. No one group or individual has any right to discriminate against another human being from the foundation of difference. We may not like each other for myriad valid reasons but we damn well better respect each other through our actions and through the equal application of our laws. Dignity in oneself is an effect that is caused through respect and if we want all our fellow humans to have a dignified life, which is right and good, then we have to respect their diversity with a tolerance we give to anyone else, including ourselves. There are no exceptions from this foundational beginning.

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