Saturday, March 14, 2015

Find the time to vote! (#2234)

Paying all your attention on the little things in life will cause you to miss the big picture. Your life is being changed while you are living it because you are not paying attention to your voting responsibilities. If you do anything at all outside your little world make sure it is to vote. There are destructive forces out there who want you to dismiss your place in our democracy. They have tons of money to spend on making you think that nothing you do will matter. They want to nullify one thing in this existence from you, your participation in your own democracy. So do not let them take from you your national voice. We all have a national voice when it comes to voting. It is our right to have and exercise so those who are trying to confuse and take from you your right to vote deserve your anger and your determination to stop them. We have bad actors in our politics and they are there because not enough of us took the time to vote when the voting time came. We are slowly allowing them to take control of our democracy so that they can then pass laws that change equality and fairness. I know most all of us are for equality and fairness so that this is happening is troubling. It is happening and if you were or are paying attention you would absolutely know it. This isn't just me acting all conspiratorial or paranoid, this is real. From the reduction in voting rights, to outrageous gerrymandering to restrictions on which American citizens can vote, the Republican party is in an all out mode to increase it's chances to stay in power not by the will of all the people but by the will of only their people. You younger generation, this is an alarm call to you. You will be the most harmed by the continued loss of our democracy so it is critical that you force yourselves to participate in what your future will be.

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