Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I am stronger than a broken heart (#2231)

I have learned that time does heal all wounds of the heart. But time needs it's space to happen. The fact of a broken heart is not an easy experience yet it may well be part of what we go through in order to find out how or with whom we spend our lives. I am of the mindset that there is only one I want to build a life with and until I find her I am still hopeful that we will find our way to each other. So going through relationships along the way is hard to avoid. When I had found what I thought was my life time partner and was surprised to learn that she wasn't, I did leave myself vulnerable to a broken heart. I suffered the loss of that relationship as surely as if I had been kicked in my guts. But time took me from that hellish feeling and although I am now more cautious about who I fall in love with I am determined to continue to search. I am stronger than my broken heart. I can admit that I made a mistake in whatever area that allowed me to experience such a devastating reality. I am human and given that I know I can be wrong about a thing regardless of how right I felt about it, gives me the foundation to try again. Hopefully with better results but no guarantees. I am not sure why this is the topic of my posting today but it somehow was heavy upon me. My emotional life is the core of who I am. I am a logical soul but logic has little heart to it and I have lots of heart so my emotional life is critical to how I see and live my life. So forward I go despite any setback. The beautiful part about life is actually being alive and appreciating all of it's magnificence. What the future holds is still a mystery to me but I await it with an expectation of hopefulness and openness to finally find something that is just pure enough for a woman who feels the same with me.

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