Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our better angels or our worst demons, you decide! (#2228)

I listened to President Obama's speech yesterday as all through it I was reminded of what it is we get to choose to be. We do get to choose who we are as an example and if it is within what we think about ourselves then it reflects our values. He spoke about commitment and how that commitment shapes the destiny of our lives and the generations that come after us like we were shaped by the commitment of those before us. He spoke about our right to vote and how it is being systematically winnowed through laws passed and still now being considered. What he also spoke about is that even if those laws were reversed and voting was still as easy as it could possibly be, our voting record in the past shows that half of us don't bother to vote regardless. Any wonder why it is so easy for those who are now working hard to restrict voting aren't paying a political price for it? We as the American society need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what is more important to us. Are we fine with being led around by others without bothering to understand what that entails? Are we just well enough within our own lives and uncaring about what any future for those who follow us will look like? Do we unconditionally trust those who divide and segregate us because we are too afraid to admit why we have no strength to fight for justice and fairness? Are we so bound to the idea that we are not worthy of anything great because we have been pounded down upon our whole lives and can't imagine that society owes us anything good? What is it that keeps us from claiming our right and duty to our inalienable rights and the pursuit of each our happiness'? I don't live in a fantasy world, I live in the real world where if we choose we can change the course of the worst that is happening into something much better. I choose the better angels of our lives and refuse to acknowledge the stench of the cynicism coming from the worst of our demons.

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