Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The nasty brutish Republicans (#2237)

Never in my lifetime have I seen this current crop of Republican party politicians and their wealthy donors condone such horrible human behavior. Outright plotting to intercede in delicate foreign affairs like a bull in a China shop. What is worst is that those in the Republican party who have not lost touch with reality altogether are not shaming and shouting down their clueless colleagues. From the insanity of Republicans advocating on behalf of the ex KGB officer now president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who is in the process of annexing Ukraine, a western leaning country back into it's fold, to asking a foreign leader to speak to Congress without authorizing it with our president. Republicans are showing that they care little for the future of America as a governing body if that governing body isn't of their own construct instead of the will of the people. There are words like treason that come to mind when thinking about what they are doing and although it would be hard to legally justify a charge against Republicans, the spirit of what they are doing leaves no question at all to their guilt of such a crime. Republicans are openly working to foment war as a first resort while blasting negotiations as unimportant. It would be one thing if Republican leaders were on the battlefield leading from the front in their insatiable quest for war but it isn't so. They see themselves as indispensable and the rest of us non Republicans as the perfect blend of cannon fodder. Thankfully, there is a real chance that Israel's election today will bring about new leadership that bends toward justice and not harm. Also in Russia it appears that cooler heads are prevailing and the hawks there pushing to cause more chaos in Ukraine are being reined in. Now what to do here in America? the 2016 elections cannot come soon enough and those Republicans who are up for election need to be kicked out on their asses!

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