Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This isn't the dark ages although too many Republicans would have us go back (#2230)

What kind of hatred is it that embraces such a harsh and brutish existence in the face of enlightenment? How despicable a person must you be that the sentience of others is of little or no value in your mind? I know we carry things from early years of learning forward into our own perceptions of life but to carry forward a desire to destroy modernity and replace it with suffering is unfathomable to me. Being devoid of a conscious must be the beginning of how this current cancer on our civilization has evolved. Not since the Civil War has anything in the history of our United States has such an attack on the very foundation of our democracy been such a threat. The safeguards we put in place to keep our society from being infiltrated by anti-democratic forces have been sorely compromised. There are those who have been elected and appointed, and hold limited power in our government that have but one overarching agenda, which is to begin the dismantling of democracy and replace it with a plutocracy/theocracy. Selling off and dismantling democratic institutions that were created for all citizens in the public sphere that are now being sold off or destroyed by the private market. An intentional shifting of protected public programs to the private market for the sole purpose of justifying their elimination through some nefarious manipulation of a market forces scheme. The hatred it takes to harm millions upon millions of American citizens is hellish and yet it is infecting too many. The fever of hatred must be broken if our society is to survive in it's democratic form. With democracy we have liberty but without democracy we will not have liberty but instead a cruel subjugation to those whose fealty will be demanded.

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