Friday, April 10, 2015

Conformity lessens our individuality (#2261)

I know that some conformity in our lives is necessary for us to maintain a living within employment and social networking. Yet to allow conformity to leave us with no voice is a bridge too far. I have to exist within the parameters of my chosen lifestyle and for that there is a price to pay. I get that, but not to the point where I will subvert my conscious thought of right and wrong in order to maintain it. I am free will soul who has a limited time to live in this existence therefore I will not allow others to control my destiny out of a fear of losing some artificial advantage I may wrongly deem too important. I have no time for being a cowardly dullard who is convinced that chasing the dollar is more important than my own integrity. I would rather have to walk down the street with nothing on my person except the shirt on my back than to become a mindless drone who lives at the mercy and fearfulness of others. There are too many others out there who would like nothing better than to get us addicted to some illusion of wealth in order to control their power over us. The war hawk Republican party is a perfect example. They wring their hands and tell us fearful lies about non-existent enemies in order to maintain a power of politics and economics over us. Fear is the mother of all lies and Republicans have mastered making people afraid as a strategy. Republicans don't want free thinkers to see that they are nothing but a bunch of psychopathic type people who have only one interest at their core, to control all that they can while allowing nothing to stop them. They use fear, and the only way to defeat fear is to face it. Facing it requires us to see it for what it is and then deciding to stand against it. Courage is our weapon against the bullies in the world who want to make us their playthings. Prioritizing your dignity as more important than money changing is the first step.

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