Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How strong is your will? (#2258)

I have come to know that I am the master of me. No one else but me gets to decide who and what I will be regardless of anything else. Now I know that outside forces help to shape what I become but nonetheless, I am the one who dictates to me regardless of any force beyond myself. What I am trying to get at here is that my morality and ethic is mine to keep and reinforce. I don't need anyone or anything to offer me guidelines in how to be the best me unless I seek it out to learn. Once I learn I move on to incorporate the new learned idea or thought and then I am back to shaping my own life. I don't need an institution to tell me if I am being wrong or right. I know it in my soul, just like everyone else if they are being honest about what they think and do. I am a complete human being capable of ability that is as yet fully tapped. But what ability I do have tapped, I am the master of it. I don't abrogate the responsibility of myself to anyone else, it is mine to be responsible for. This is how I grow as a human being. I accept all responsibility for my actions and thoughts and when I am right I am humbled by that and when I am wrong I feel the regret and remorse of that as well. I keep learning from my successes and from my failures so that when they are done I have a better sense of how to proceed into the present and the future. Like all of us I am not a constant bulwark against all that I would be for or against. Yet I am present for the times I am stalwart and the fewer times I am not. I neither blame nor herald anyone for my thoughts or my deeds except myself. I am me and that is my charge for the eternity of my life so long as it shall be. What works for me is that I think of myself as more than just a lifespan in time. I am a force that has it's hands firmly on the wheel and what that force is defined as whenever the defining time comes will be how I am inside me from my beginning.

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