Monday, April 20, 2015

If you want to be happy vote Democrat or if you want to be mean vote Republican. It is that simple! (#2271)

Long title but it gets to the point. In my experience it is easy to tell who votes for Democrats and who votes for Republicans. Democratic voters tend to be easy going and full of understanding, while Republican voters are far more closed minded with their beliefs regardless if those beliefs hurt other people. I don't know why people chose to be Republican voters unless somewhere inside them they think that the only way to solve the world's problems is to expand a mean and brutish society. I tend to think of Republicans as demigods who base the lives of others on how they think they should live. If you don't live up to some artificial standard Republicans have illogically constructed then you are not worthy of a respectful existence. Whereas Democrats seem to want to let everyone have their own perspective as long as it does no harm. Think about that, doing no harm is quite a philosophy if applied to all aspects of our lives. Surely there are times when one must defend what is right and good but not at the expense of right and good. The profound difference between Democrats and Republicans is in their vision for our society. Democrats want a society that is creative and innovative while protecting the less fortunate among us. Republicans want a society that is inhibited by dogma and restrictions designed to separate us while leaving little to no protection for the less fortunate. Just look at the way Republicans are continuing to advance the already out of balance income inequality dynamic. Republicans continue to advance even more legislation designed to increase wealth for the already too wealthy while doing little to nothing for the overwhelming majority of the rest of our citizenry. Democrats are the polar opposite, the idea of income inequality is a problem Democrats are striving to solve and bringing our society back into a harmonic economic balance is just one of the goals of the Democratic party.

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