Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Instead of solving problems, Republicans create them (#2265)

If you hate those who are not you and you think you are better than others then you may well be a perfect fit for the Republican party. It is so stark now just how divisive the Republican party has become. They want to help the wealthy with every resource available to them while taking away any help for the underprivileged and ill served. This is how they want to "fix" our economy and social order. The problem with their approach lies in the fact that advantage and privilege still corrupt our democratic processes. Instead of working on changing that biased dynamic, Republicans just accept it and then expect everyone to adjust to an unequal process for trying to achieve happiness and success. By ignoring the fact that the many are at a disadvantage in most every way, Republicans can tell themselves that everyone has the same chance, regardless of the long odds the many are facing. For the wealthy, the odds are short that they will succeed since they are already receiving the best educations and the best offers for opportunity. Eventually the many of us will get tried of being a second tier citizen and hopefully we will oust Republican politicians from our politics. I say hopefully because the Republicans know that they are vulnerable to being voted out so they have been instituting laws that make voting harder for the many. What is really attractive for the members of their party is the idea that hatred is being codified into law for them by their party. Through discrimination and intolerance, Republicans can now take a "by your leave" with full condescension without ever having to acknowledge it publicly. America used to stand as the melting pot for the world's oppressed and freedom seekers. Not so today, America is starting to resemble the Europe of old where Religion and authoritarian power were the rule not the exception.

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