Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mandatory voting (#2259)

I don't know what else to do here. We can't seem to appeal to people's patriotism to get them to vote. We can't seem to appeal to people's own self interest to get them to vote and we can't seem to show how awful life will be if they don't vote to keep nefarious politicians from being elected. Nothing seems to work in the area of self participation. So what do we do? I suggest we make voting mandatory. While being told to put to voice our opinion seems like and infringement on our right to be free to choose, it is not unlike having to have car insurance in order to legally drive. This is our democracy and it should be a requirement that we participate in it. Also, a benefit for voting should be allowed to entice those who actually vote, while a penalty should be enacted for those who would defy their duty to vote. It seems so childish to have to resort to a mandatory voting law but as we have seen in too many past elections, our electorate doesn't come out to vote because of some apathetic reason. So treating us like children seems like the best course when we are acting like children. Our civic responsibility is not some casual choice to make. It effects us all in ways that are serious and actually harmful when we don't allow for our common sense and well researched opinions to be heard. The only way we can engage our electorate into actively participating in our democracy, that which we are all members of, is to make it a crime for not voting. History has shown us that when we make ourselves prioritize our lives we are better off for it. If having to vote gets me a benefit outside of just being apart of putting my voice to action then all the better for me and those who also contribute. If being penalized for not following through with my duty then it is what I choose to do over being a good responsible citizen. Either way I get to choose so how about it, let's make mandatory voting and a voting day national holiday a reality?

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