Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pay attention to who is doing what in OUR government (#2253)

Take the time to demand a better life for all of us and then get out and vote. Enough of the "I don't care" attitude about the direction of our country because there are nefarious powers that are taking advantage of the vacuum you leave by not engaging in our politics. In fact they are not only taking advantage of those who willingly ignore politics they are subverting the rights of many by restricting voting on grounds that are not justifiable. They are extremists who also have political power and judicial oversight protection from the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court. You must be proactive in your resolve to protect your right to vote and then activate it with all due consideration. Our democracy demands it of us if we are to preserve it's hard fought victory. Nothing is static so if we do not defend what we have there are those who would take it from us. Our younger generation must find it's will to fight against those who wish them nothing more than an obedience to their agenda. The young in our country are the future and the hope for preserving the honor and respect our country hopes to achieve throughout our nation and throughout the world. Nothing in this life is more important than standing up for what is best about our species. Nothing! The best about us is that we are curious and we care. Through curiosity we have become progressively enlightened. Knowledge and it's potential for creative innovation has spurred our society to great realizations. Our care has also bounded us above all other species in that we are the caretakers of not only our planet and all it's inhabitants but any and all that may exist further out from our planet. What we do here in America is critical to what will define the rest of our human history in either a magnificent way or in a self destructive way. We decide, so join and help us along the correct path.

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