Saturday, April 4, 2015

Religion and reality (#2255)

Religion, or as I live it, spirit, has it's bonuses, such as the positive reinforcement of living as a good soul. It gives the believer in a God, or similar, or to no entity at all, a sense of oneself. I personally am a believer in some form of a spiritual life as a guide to being the best human I can be, but not to the point of taking religious dogma as fact when it has no evidence as such. What is more important to me than my own personal relationship with my spirit life is my ownership in reality. I live in a fact based tangible world where what I realize through my five senses and my common sense logic is reality. As much as I want to have a spirit based life as tangible as my real life I cannot equate the two. My reality based life is greater than my hoped for spiritual one. That said, I do allow what my moral compass tells me to guide me in my real life. But not as a fact but as an option to be weighed against how others also perceive their moral and ethical duty. No spirit based reasoning will trump logical thought based in reality with me. I have a duty to reality above any duty I have to what I hope for. It is that simple and in that it justifies my considerations based upon societal equality and fairness. My spirit life is a personal one between me and how I perceive the essence of my existence. It is not a fact. My biological existence firmly places me in the realm of reality and that is my foundation for living. Given that, I have nothing greater in my soul than to live my biological existence to it's fullest. For me that is maximizing my care and curiosity in reality. it is a quest I gladly and fully back as my destiny. My religious perception, aka, spiritual quest, is a personal one not given to dogma nor others who would quantify it for me. It is mine to adjust to equality and fairness in reality through humility and love. No other possible avenue exists for me.

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