Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Separation of church and state (#2266)

If any one thing was the cause of the great migration of immigrants to the colonies of North America and a primary establishing principle in the formation of our country, it is this, the separation of church and state. In Europe, Church and Monarchy ruled together to inhibit freedoms of their citizens and as such became the impetus for those who sought more enlightened liberty to go to new lands where they could practice liberty on less restrictive terms. When our forefathers/mothers came to recognize in establishing our new democracy that ruling dynasties and religious dogmas had no place in our political structure, they formed a government based upon elected representation and freedom from religion. What is gave us was a newly modern political apparatus that allowed for freedom of thought, imagination and creative innovation to be our pathway toward a more perfect society. Without the restrictions of monarchical and religious rule, we have been able to focus our attentions on improving our lot in ways that highlight equality and fairness. This has worked to improve our society in ways that give all of our citizens a say in how we shape our futures. Intolerance and segregation no longer are the paradigms by which we have to strain our relationships through, we are able to justify our rights based upon nature and self awareness. With a separation of church and state we not only don't have to be affiliated with any particular religion we can also be affiliated with any particular religion. A genius and wise idea that gives us equal rights regardless of our choice. When we take away the ideal of separation of church and state, that was memorialized into the first amendment of our constitution, we gut the heart and soul from our precious living document and render it merely a hollow piece of paper.

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