Friday, April 17, 2015

The liberal/progressive Democratic vision (#2268)

A world where everyone has the right to exist in equality under law. A world where education is provided to all in order to give everyone the same opportunity to succeed. A world where the health and welfare of all is a priority at a foundational level. A world where everyone has the right and duty to participate in our politics. A world where no one or group of people can skirt above the law. A world where the right to either worship a God or not believe in a God is equally protected as sacrosanct. A world where males and females have the same rights of how their bodies function without being restricted separately or equally. A world where science and technology are accepted with logic and common sense. A world where the good of all is more important than the good of some. A world where poverty is not an acceptable outcome. A world where hunger is not be be borne! A world where diversity and toleration cannot be undone by anyone or anything. A world where happiness is the ultimate wealth. A world where honorable justice is served for wrongdoing and accolades are given for selfless acts. A world that seeks to expand our knowledge into the space beyond our present living. A world that sees that everyone of us is special and needs to be given every opportunity to achieve it. A world where the best of who we are is the rule and not the exception. A world where all of us see honor in all the things that need to be done to keep our society functioning to the best of it's possibilities. A world where we are all proud to be part of. A world that should have been here when we were born but instead was not. A world where we all can make it happen if we all only cared more about making it so.

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