Thursday, April 23, 2015

Those who bring us down are not lifting us up (#2274)

I can always tell how my day is going by how I feel about things that have happened in it. Truly that is not a surprise but in those days where nothing dramatic happens to show me conclusively how things are going it is the subtle little things that I must rely upon. This is where my conscience and emotional well being comes into play. How I have acted or spoken often determines how my day goes. So it is important for me to keep my own disposition on the up and up in order to keep my day in a positive way. Being around people who bring me down as an intent is a non starter. We all can tell who these people are, they seem to have trouble and drama pouring out of them in a never ending flow as a reason for being. I like to think that if I needed trouble and drama in my life I could easily supply it myself if I was so inclined. I am not inclined that way so why should I allow others to bring it into my life? I don't need the hard and uncomfortable work it offers nor do I need a distorted sense of entertainment. There are too many others out there who have real trouble and drama in their lives through no fault of their own and would happily see an end to it if possible. Helping people with problems is a healthy perspective from my point of view but not so if it is done to enable others to create even more trouble as a rule. I like people who appreciate bettering themselves, not those who are always looking for a bigger and better crutch. I don't know why I am writing about this today but obviously it must be at the back of my mind needing to get out. In summary, keeping myself in a healthy state of mind requires me to put out effort and it also requires me to eliminate those from my life who could care less about my state of mind.

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