Friday, April 3, 2015

Throughout the ages (#2254)

The essence of who we are remains the same throughout our lives. There are innumerous changes that occur to us and within us but the foundation of who we are is static. At our core is our conscious and our deliberate thought. I know in my own case, I have fallen short of who I am many times but that doesn't change the fact that my remorse and guilt haven't reminded me. I am who I am and knowing who that is comforts me despite my inability to always live up to that knowing. As I have gotten older I am more in tune with thinking and behaving how I am but still not completely nor quite probably will I ever be. I take solace in the notion that regardless of my failures, my successes are many as well. That is where my own peace is exposed. The many times I have succeeded in being the best me is what calms me to my own serenity. I am cool with that since I know I am one of the fortunate ones who has found that the real prize in life is being the best of who we are and building upon that. So in my soul I will always be who I choose to represent about myself. I could have chosen to be a dastardly soul who craved his own desires above all else but I would have had to bury my conscious. I was not willing to do that for many reasons not the least of which is my care for all that live. My nature tells me that my care and my wonder are not to be denied at any cost so the most logical and common sense approach for my life has been the path I have taken, despite the deviations I have taken from it. I am who I am and I know who that is. A proper way for me to do first before doing anything else. So find out who you are and then be that without ever stopping despite mistakes that happen. You won't change who you are but you can be the best of whatever that is.

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