Thursday, April 30, 2015

When we should be promoting Democracy, not destroying it (#2281)

The idea of one person one vote should be heralded as the greatest political achievement of our species' history. We should be doing everything in our power here in America promoting the absolute right of the individual to choose how we operate our society. It should be a common objective of all of we Americans to expand the concept of self rule throughout the rest of our planet's societies. Yet we are not able to do so with impunity since too many of our Republican political leaders here in America are determined to restrict the right of one person one vote rule to those that disagree with their agenda. The political leaders we have governing our policies are not at the beck and call of their constituents in equal measure. Instead, the Republican party elected leaders are less concerned with the advancement of democracy and more concerned with an agenda that only bolsters the already wealthy class. By subduing the one person one vote ideal, Republicans hope to establish a patriarchy of sorts reminiscent of a plutocratic form of governance. Where the overwhelming majority of citizens who are middle/poor class have less say in the governing and the wealthy class have more say. Through laws that are designed to prohibit eligible middle and poor class voters from voting, the minority party Republicans are able to "win" many elections they would otherwise lose if all eligible voters were allowed to vote. Through this Republicans are the problem in otherwise promoting democracy around the world as Democracy is not their priority. Consolidating power is their agenda and if it means the thwarting of Democracy they are willingly able. The critical time in our country's future is fast approaching and if we don't all realize it in time we will likely not be able to hold onto the Democracy our foreparents fought so hard to give us.

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