Friday, May 29, 2015

Dental care should be part of universal health care (#2310)

For the life of me I cannot understand how we have allowed the profiteers to carve dental care out of health care. The health of our teeth and gums are vital to our overall activities and self esteem. I know too many folks who have had to let the health of their teeth and gums go because of a lack of necessary dental coverage. Most often it is always a choice between paying the bills or getting dental work done. I have looked at pricing for dental plans for individuals and they are priced beyond what I can pay as well as only covering a percentage of the costs. The rest of the costs must come out of my empty pockets. So given that my teeth and gums are vital to me I must somehow figure out how to pay the costs of having work done to the detriment to my other responsibilities. It is insane to think that dental care is not part of health care. Why have we allowed the greedy to dictate what is health care and what isn't health care? It is because we have those in power who are not strong leaders for all Americans. Which political party houses most of these weak leaders? Well, if you know me at all you will have guessed already, it is the Republican party, who have thrown their allegiance to the wealthy at the expense of the majority non-wealthy. Republican's are able to do this because they are making voting harder for an already disinterested voting public. We let this happen to ourselves because we don't exercise our duty to vote for our common sense priorities. Vision, dental care, and all other health related paradigms are part of a comprehensive approach to wellness that needs to be part of an overall individual health strategy. Time to vote the Republicans out of office and elect Democrats who are willing to fight for common sense and logic, especially in the arena of our health.

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