Friday, May 15, 2015

I haven't lost the passion of my youth (#2296)

It isn't strange to me that I feel the same passionate feelings about wrongs and injustices I learned as a youth. The circumstances and situations have changed but the underlying problems are still hot in my blood. I haven't flamed out and become part of what I saw as the problem back then, I have stayed adamant about correcting those same problems today as I was in years gone by. I was right back then to be resolute and I am still right now with my resolve. I haven't grown to ignore what I know is wrong for some gain for myself, contrarily, I have remained steadfast in holding up honor and justice despite my winding path to today. I never gave up on my determination to be a better person, that much I can claim for the most part. Like I said, my path was winding but I never went off it. Things were so clear back then, a wrong was a wrong and no amount of ambiguity could make it any different. I call bullshit when wrong is there and never will I stop doing that. It is unfortunate that so many of us who in our youth rallied to causes that we knew deserved our backing and yet now too many of us have grown up and discarded our honorable values for lesser ones. I hear their arguments, like you don't know what I have to put up with or I can't afford to do what is right all the time. Well, I could have used those same arguments myself but I choose not to, despite the economic and relationship destroying effects that followed. I am an honest man who hasn't lost his motivation for doing right, even when only a few will stand with me. The reason I still do is that I am a leader, like all of us are, but I choose to lead and let come what may. In my heart I am well satisfied and a richness of soul is my reward. No amount of compromising my principles will ever tally the same outcome. We can't change the current paradigm if we are not willing to show others a new and better one.

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