Friday, May 1, 2015

If you are not fighting for good then you are fighting against it (#2282)

Doing nothing is not an option. Your guilt will be the same as if you were leading the charge for wrong. Life is about struggle to change what is now into something better, there are no sidelines to stand on or any fence for you to sit on. Take charge of what little time you have left of your life and fight for the best of what it should be with all your might. There is no more time to waste. All around us we are given opportunities to be part of something important and significant. Take a chance on yourself and live with your held high because you cared about the integrity you know you have within you. The respect we all crave has to be earned and it is in the earning of respect that we find the vibrancy of who we are. The unique wave that we cause to ripple throughout the Universe. What will be the effect of your charge through time? Will it be a positive one where good draws it's strength? Or will it be a negative one where good loses to the worst of who we are? Are we all not heroes in our own eyes deep down in the little child we all remain throughout our existence? Enough of the pampering exclusion we seem to want from the rest of ourselves and the problems of our world. Enough of it! Everyone of us are a miracle in our present form and all it takes is one miracle for all that is about us to change for the better. Who knows which one of us it will be but the more of us looking to be that miracle the greater the chance the miracle will happen. We are human beings, a superior force in all of understanding. Do we realize just how tremendous that is? We are not something of insignificance, on the contrary we are still something greater yet to be defined. Take up the cause of all of humanity and claim it for yourself. You will live the most self fulfilling form of yourself. 

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