Thursday, May 21, 2015

Poverty recycles itself over generations (#2302)

I have seen enough of poverty to know that it isn't necessarily the people who are trapped in it that are the problem. It is the lack of opportunity in impoverished communities that propagate the status quo. In my immediate impoverished neighborhood little has changed in the decades since I have moved back to domicile here. The lingering lack of hope that any sustained employment or opportunities to improve oneself is heavy. Where even a large chain grocery store is not available. To get fresh vegetables it is necessary to travel to other communities or wait for the weekends and buy from local temporary farmer's markets. Where a readily willing workforce is here but no opportunities for work exist thus recycling of poverty is our reality. Until our citizenry are led by political leaders who are willing to make hard decisions about improving the future of our communities we will continue to be stuck with a lack of care about the future of many of our citizens. Poverty is a curable paradigm all it takes is the willingness for either private enterprise or public direction to put people to work doing something they can be proud to be part of. We are all human with the same human desires for our and our children's lives. Leaving many with little to no hope for a decent respectable future degrades our possibilities and increases our angst. Easing poverty conditions is such a profound improvement for all of us on so many levels. Not only would we be bringing into our workforce a ready and able tax base but we would be lowering costs needed to help those through poverty paradigms. Giving people hope for a better life is how we rebuild our poverty stricken communities and forsaking none should be our goal.

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