Saturday, May 9, 2015

The devil you know is not better than the angel you may have (#2290)

This particular quote is aimed at recognizing that the bad in our lives cannot be acceptable when we can make the good replace it. We often hear that other cliche of the devil you know is better that the devil you don't. Well, that is a no win cliche if you ask me. So instead of settling for the devil you know how about making the better come about to replace it? Are we so afraid of the devil we know that we are unwilling to stand up to it? That doesn't square with the greatness that we human beings have within us. I am not one for standing by idly letting forces control me that allow for pain and suffering as a strategy. It is abhorrent to me to that any of us would be so cowardly in our thinking as to not fight to the death to make our world a better place to live. Is living as lesser being so desirous over living as our nature allows for us? I am grateful to be alive and my humility at being born as such a magnificent species is unbounded. Which is exactly why I cannot allow living as a lesser being define my destiny. I am proud of my species and for all our gifts and abilities. Why would I ever allow the ulterior motives of others to offset our greatness? I am a noble being who has a warrior's heart. Yet I am no different than any other so how is it that we are all not expressing our determination to destroy those things that make even one life on this planet lesser than it's right? My idealism is not my own, it is all of ours and only until we all realize that we are not lesser beings will we ever stand up for one of our sentinel duties we have to live as the majestic beings we are. This is a clarion call for all of us to live upright and proud of who we are as human beings. We are not the lesser of our possibilities we are the greater of them. Our angels are what make us proud and fierce so why would we live as anything other than that?

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