Monday, May 4, 2015

The freedom from religion (#2285)

I have a right under the first amendment of our constitution to be free from the constraints of religion, as well as the freedom to embrace religion if I so desire. This is absolute and indissoluble. Given that, in no way would I ever consider basing Supreme Court decisions upon the preferences of a particular religion that would give precedence over my right to be free from religious rule. The current conservative majority court is at a point where it will be making a decision that could likely make our freedom from religion null and void. The right to marry is being argued and considered, that it is a function of government, it therefore is under the jurisdiction of the interpretation of our constitution. This isn't a case that is irrelevant to the whole of our citizenry, it is a case that is absolutely relevant to the interpretation of our first amendment. If we are to be free from religion, we cannot have laws in place that place us under the dogma of religion. Many do not believe in a God which is their right. Are they now to be subject to dogma that religion places on them? Are they now unable to marry because a religious interpretation says that their sexual orientation is outside what religion allows for a couple to marry? What is at stake here is not just the right to marry for those who would be denied this equal right but instead a deeper and more pervasive attack on our constitutional rights. When a religious dogmatic interpretation is allowed to be the law of the land we are at the beginning of a slippery slope where the justification for religious rule will have been established over the freedom from religious rule. Next month we will know the outcome of this significant announcement and for me it is either a turning point in the history of our, no little experiment called democratic rule, or an affirmation that our first amendment to the constitution is absolute and indissoluble.

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