Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The power of honor (#2301)

Those souls who live and think in less than honorable ways out of choice when they could just as easily live in honorable ways have only short term gain going for them. Maybe that is enough to actuate their agendas, but in doing so they leave a tarnish on our society and on our species that is not worthy of our respect or acceptance. Their sociopathic natures may make them immune from guilt and shame but nonetheless the being of their guilt and shame remains for the rest of us to witness. So those of us who have a normal behavioral view of honor view those who don't with suspicion and wariness. Although the sociopathic are masters of underhanded and brutish practices that benefit them, they are clueless about caring for the effects of their ruthlessness. The same goes for the politicians in the Republican party who emulate and model themselves after sociopathic tendencies to please certain dishonorable segregating constituencies. There is no honor there that they can claim is legitimate, though try that they may. Wisdom allows us to see comprehensively the words and actions exhibited by those who skirt honor for another less than open agenda. Yet those of us who have given up the selfishness in our own lives are easily able to see selfishness in others so those who are underhanded are easily identifiable. Calling them out isn't so easy since they are ruthless in their protection of their illusions. Yet the power of honor overcomes any resistance to call out less than honorable traits. It is better to be an honest man than one who lives with lies and deceptions all around him. A peaceful strength is a direct effect from the cause of honor even when the honorable act often incites conflict. An honorable mind and soul is a much more dangerous weapon to a dishonorable soul because the truth of things is a greater motivation than a lie of things.

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