Saturday, May 30, 2015

We keep ourselves going (#2311)

Do we realize that we are responsible for taking care of and keeping in reasonably good order the most amazing biological entity ever? Each of us individually is, in our own way, a master of directing and charting a course for a being that is unequalled in all the known Universe. Of course I am referring to our own bodies. Think about this for a moment. The amazing conglomeration of atoms, molecules and cells that make up our own existence is reliant upon the creative intelligence we all seem to have within us. What is even more amazing is that we don't ponder on it much except to struggle and overcome obstructions and disappointments. yet we endure despite all the obstacles out there that would make the act of living our only struggle. If that isn't a qualification for leadership then nothing is. We are all very capable of not only directing our own lives but of also directing the grouping of our lives when necessity is greater than not. We each are a magnificent example of ingenuity and crafty maneuvering when it comes to protecting and enhancing the host that we each dwell within. Our bodies are like a life suit that we each need to inhabit this existence. Our mental and emotional functionality is most efficiently dependent upon a well kept host. Some of us are better and more driven to keeping our hosts in prime condition but too many of us are not given the opportunity to have the same solutions for the upkeep and improvement of our hosts. That we don't have a basic level of enlightenment that would create a floor from which all of us can safely operate from is disheartening. Although we many do find a way to manage our hosts as best we can, the room for improvement is glaring and when put in this light a foundation for existence seems so obviously needed. Assuming of course that we want to evolve into more enlightened beings instead of reverting back to a more savage animal era.

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