Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We are not meant to be fighting for table scraps (#2293)

Our species is greater than what we have hitherto shown. The idea that we must compete to stay alive is an old and ancient one, yet Republicans are unwilling to move our enlightenment beyond it. On the contrary, they want to sacrifice our enlightenment in order to preserve an unjust and unequal survival of the fittest for the majority of us. The already wealthy are not subject to their vision but those who are not wealthy, are. It would seem that too many of the non-wealthy subscribe to their philosophy for our society as Republicans keep getting reelected to public office. So my initial analysis as to the intelligence of our society on whole is now at a lesser degree than I thought it could be. We are shown the way through the door of our better future and instead we have turned back and want to go to the worst of our past. Our hatred for ourselves who are not like us has grown to be a priority over common sense and logic. When hatred is valued higher than common sense and logic it is then that we know that our overall intelligent quotient is unworthy of pride or satisfaction. I live in this country and as a citizen who participates in the public and private discourse of politics, I am underwhelmed by our possible future. My hope has always been greater than reality it seems. Because reality shows me that too many of us don't bother to care about our futures beyond our own sense of what immediate gratification we can get out of it. The greed and selfishness of a survival of the fittest paradigm seems to have enslaved us to it's yoke. Instead of rejecting the idea that we are just tools for each other we have settled for knowing we could do better but not doing anything about it. A sense of helplessness. Well that may be the outcome for our society through my generation, but I can only hope that the next generation will find the courage to stand up for our species' greater qualities instead of our more fear laden ones.

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