Saturday, June 13, 2015

A purposeful life (#2325)

What is it in life that we are supposed to be doing? Is there a destiny we each are "made" for? Generally, I would answer yes, but I couldn't say what each of us is purposed for specifically. We are an interesting species. We are animals for sure but we are also enlightened animals who are able to distinguish between our natural instinct to live and our natural instinct to know. We are at an evolutionary stage for our species where we are not so much encompassed with our own individual survival as we are with our communal survival. Together we are a greater than we are apart. Knowing this and given our thirst for knowledge we are destined to reach out beyond our own planet and become the Universal explorers we most fittingly exemplify. We are intelligent and curious, a rather daunting combination although some among us are less than bold in this fact. Yet we will move forward into our manifest destiny just like we have in the past. It is who we are to increase our knowledge while increasing the space we occupy. I have said this so many times before but it always bears repeating. We are biological data processors. We have five senses that we use to probe outside ourselves for information. We have a mind that not only reasons, analyzes and concludes, but we have an immense memory base from which we comprehensively reevalute from as new information comes in. We are the greatest physical specimen of a probe that has ever existed in our limited history. We are "built" to process information while also we are of a physical nature that we can mobilize in any terrain given our ability to solve any obstacle that comes our way. We are greater than artificial intelligence since we are the ultimate biological prototype. Our nature to care sets us apart from any other species as we can mold ourselves to fit into a community of laws that we willingly submit our behaviors to. Each of us is a unique and masterful display of evolution from this existence. Now we only need to maximize our efficiency in the span of time we currently have to enjoy our purpose.

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