Monday, June 15, 2015

Contrasting myself with greedy capitalists (#2327)

Every year except one for about 12 years I have had a little project 2 days a year that I accomplish for a very modest sum. It is a laborious day of cleaning that requires me to "hire" people to help me. Now what I do instead is ask my friends and acquaintances for help on the two days a year. I need four people, plus myself, to efficiently complete the task in a roughly six hour time frame. I offer each of them, about one fifth of the contracted amount I receive as their incentive. So what I essentially do is pool the money into a pile, spend to buy equipment as needed and always coffee and donuts for everyone just before we start and lunch at lunch time and then give each their set amount when we are done. Now what generally happens is some extra expense sometimes occurs and what I do is take it out of my share, which more often then not leaves me with less than the others make. I am fine with that since all I did was facilitate the opportunity and then oversee the process making sure no obstruction deviates us from our completion. That is how I operate a capitalistic venture, not with profit as my only goal. I enjoy the shared experience my friends and acquaintances have during the day and the camaraderie of individuals acting as equals among themselves. We all do our jobs well and when we are done there is real satisfaction in the time and effort put forth. Greedy capitalists are not as personable as I am with my help. Instead they are all about manipulating their work force to get the most production out of them while spending the least amount possible. Their goal is the profit, not the shared time and experience. I like my system better because although I don't get much money from my endeavor I do get a life that is well lived and I am respected for it. I can walk around anywhere with my head held high because I am not trying to profit off of others, I am instead sharing profit with others.

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