Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Democracy should always come first (#2342)

Democratic ideals of equality, justice and opportunity should never take a back seat to any other paradigm. It is incumbent upon us to protect our precious democratic ideals with all our purpose and might. Our great Republic here in America is as unique on the face of the Earth as any previous form of government ever established. yet we are separated from those other previous governments by our decision to allow for our citizens to decide our collective direction and fate. Not only do we have a federal form of government that judiciously binds equality to our individual states, but our individual states are forms of laboratories, where new and innovative ideas for governance are allowed to percolate in any of our 50 states. The grassroots nature of our society is the key for our overall sustenance and the current disease of allowing for corporations and big money interests to dominate our political landscape is infecting the pure nature of our democracy so much so that our democracy is in jeopardy of losing it's overall ability to function. Two hugely erroneous Supreme Court decisions, among a few others, were that corporations are people and money is speech. The grassroots nature our democracy was and is continuing to be hampered in it's effectiveness by these decisions that allow for the wealthy to control the process of our elections. The gutting of a particularly effective voting rights regulation has cost us as well whereas voter discrimination and voter disenfranchisement are now much more easily strategized and implemented through unjust legislative policy. The era of this current conservative Supreme Court is a blight on our democracy in too many ways and the sooner the court finds itself rid of the conservative souls who do not practice democracy with a fervor the better we will all be.

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