Friday, June 26, 2015

Enlightenment and courage, the hallmark of a sound democracy (#2338)

There is no easy way to say this. We have to fight for our democracy like we have to fight for our very existence. It is at that level of intensity. There are too many who would take us all back to the past of prejudice and subjugation so that they can have an advantage. Yes, masked behind a lot of confusion and misdirection are those who have little conscience for equality, justice and opportunity, the heartbeat of democracy. All they care for is their ability to maximize their prosperity despite the cost to others. Many of these people are in the Republican party and if you are supporting them then you are not only being used as lackey's but you are cannon fodder for their wars for resources. Again, I will say it here, we are all biological data processors, evolved for the purpose of gathering data, analyzing, reasoning and concluding that data in order to understand our existence a little bit better as time continues to move forward. Progress is the end result of our information gathering and concluding. We have not evolved in order to go backwards. It is forwards for us because of the inquisitive nature of our curiosity. We must also reconcile to ourselves that courage is needed in order to defend and defeat those who would take from us the very foundation by which our civilized society functions. Each of us has a duty to stand up with steely resolve to protect the best form of government ever designed. We have a duty as Americans to not only protect ourselves from without but from within as well. Not all Americans are patriots of democracy as we have all too often seen. So in conclusion, as we continue to expand our knowledge we must also be vigilant and a fearless defender of our way of life.

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