Thursday, June 4, 2015

Evolution demands that we defeat the unknown (#2316)

It may take close to eternity but it is a mandate for an enlightened human being. Nothing in life is a greater purpose for our species than to capture the flag of the unknown. how do we do that? We never quit on our drive to learn. If we are not leading the charge into the unknown then we are not the best of our species. I hear Republicans talk about their survival of the fittest philosophy in ways that are illogical. Republicans don't seem to get that education as a priority is how we survive as a species. They must only attribute survival to brute or conniving force. I wonder what their end game is since it doesn't involve bold and courageous exploration of knowledge and intelligence. Since the inception of our lives we have been struggling to learn and know what is about us, yet Republicans want us to be satisfied with policies that destroy our planet and neglect our duty to each other. Now Republicans may be happy to sit back in life and wait for some type of future after death, but I am not deluded enough to share their fear based illusion. I want to live my life in this existence with all the power and energy I have. I can only do that by being informed and able to imagine ways to create and innovate new ways to learn and understand. Satisfying every human beings essential need is our foundation and from there we all can be part of the great discoveries yet to come. Our species will not survive a survival of the fittest mentality if it isn't more than just an excuse to dominate economics. A true survival of the fittest pits humans against the unknown, not humans against each other. It is time for real leaders to step up and define the role of our humanity and our ambitions, not just to survive but to dominate all that we do and don't know.

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