Monday, June 1, 2015

Get busy living or get busy dying (#2313)

Life is about change. Know this one thing and everything else will fall into place for you. If you are looking to stay still don't worry, death will take care of that. Now not that we can't pause and reflect but not for long as change is continual despite our best wishes. I have struggled with how to live my life since I was too young to remember. I learned early on that death is inevitable for all of us so how I live needed to be understood by me from the get go. What I didn't know then was that although I am unique, I am not special in that being. We are all unique and we all deserve the right to choose a life for ourselves that is free from unjust control. By not staying busy in life we are abdicating time from ourselves to nothing. We are giving away the most precious gift in this existence, time. Now I know we all get tired and have a need to rest and contemplate but being weary should only require minimal rest to recover from then it should be full steam ahead into whatever ambition or acceptable desire we can imagine. I have always been about improving life in any way I know how to do. There are many like me who also see building a better world for us to live in and explore outer space from as an utmost priority. However, there are still those, especially the wealthy and their political acolytes who want no greater world to live in on the contrary, they would have us go back from modernity to some more easily managed serfdom paradigm. Apparently they can control us better the less enlightened and poorer we are. I say nonsense to them and forge ahead with my goal of lifting every soul up from despair and impoverishment. A noble ideal, which by the way, represents my soul. So busy it is for me and if I have any luck whatsoever, I will see some progress before my time here in this existence expires.

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