Friday, June 19, 2015

Objectivity, the key to understanding (#2331)

Keeping an open mind about all things that are not facts is the best way to assimilate correct information. The old saying of "I don't know what I don't know", is a valid response to situations and circumstances that are outside our full understanding. Being able to honestly tell ourselves and others the truth that we don't know is just as important as knowing. It is when we lie to ourselves or others about the things we actually don't know about is when we cut ourselves and our civilization down to less than it should be. If used properly, realizing that we don't know something that we probably should know let's us know that our society is not functioning properly when information that should be readily available is not being properly disseminated. The only way we can be honest with ourselves is by forcing ourselves to be objective. Objectivity is not it's distant cousin, subjectivity, which is a less logical form of deciding based upon personal belief systems and emotional motivations. Whereas objectivity is founded in facts and truths outside our own personal biases. Reality is best served, as is the human and other animal species, when we all face reality with honesty and truth. Remember, we are all basically organic data processors and although we can input whatever data into our minds and memories, it is important for us to base our information gathering on facts and truths if we are to face the challenges of our reality with any hope of surviving, exploring and understanding it. Many of us choose to ignore reality based upon a fear well established in our cultures. A fear that wishes to guide our lives based upon unprovable and often conflicting theories. The only way to move beyond fear is to face reality with an open mind and then let your conscience guide you. It is the least we could ask being free people on a tumultuous planet.

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