Monday, June 29, 2015

Rage, a prequel to cou "rage"? (#2341)

We are best at standing up and defending or fighting when we have been filled with rage. Our courage is a manifestation of our rage in action. I try not to wait until I am raging in order to stand up and be accountable. I know that my honored principles, once disrespected, is enough to trigger me into action, courageous action. I have less care for consequences when the fact or truth of a thing is being disrespected. One thing none of us can abide is to give an allowance to those who would undermine our democracy or our tolerant natures. We must punish those who would dare to take from us or deny us the full freedom and liberty our constitution allows under the law. When the law is not fully adjudicated toward universal freedom, liberty and opportunity for all then we must change that law and move from obstruction any who would resist the proper and right changing. It doesn't matter who or what it is that is stopping the growth and correct direction our constitution is devised to fulfill. Our constitution is a living document that grows more robust to reflect the changing dynamics of our insights and intuitions. Our humanness is an evolutionary process that is in constant flux and if our constitutional document is not accord with our maturing human natures then we will never move from the curious, caring being we are now into a more magnificent species. I have hopes that although I will never see it in my lifetime, our species will attain a greater biological understanding of our potential and a greater manifestation of our possibilities. The future is ours for the taking but to be able to take it we must find our courage. All of this goes back to our rage. If we have been offended enough then rage against it with all your might and display your courage to defend and fight for what is right and good.

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