Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The imperfect judging others when they are not perfect. (#2328)

We have a problem in our Democratic party. Somehow some of our younger members think that our leaders must be perfect or otherwise they are not worth defending at all. As if these younger members are wiser in their opinions on subjects they have less information on and no insight into the complexity the leaders are dealing with. It is an arrogance of youthful vigor. It is important that we point it out since so many of them have decided that voting is not worth it if they have to compromise on their principles in ANY way. It pains me to see such vibrant youth who are full of conviction fail to see that progress does not happen over night. I wish it did, but my lessons in life have shown that steady progress is the best we can hope for. So why would we throw away what steady progress we have made so that we can say that our purist point of view is greater than reality? It makes no sense in a world where perfection is rare and imperfection is more than common? I would hope that logic would win the day but it is beyond me that I keep fighting for those same ones who reject my efforts and ignore either regression or improvement in the name of purity. Here is the real conclusion, whether we fight together to improve our society in any way that we can or we fall to those who are willing to destroy our society and make it less than democratic. So, either help win on many fronts or allow ourselves to lose on all fronts. That is the choice in the end, not which candidate can be pure to our way of thinking. The illusion that the perfect is expected when we ourselves are more imperfect than not is ridiculous. So either we are pragmatic in our approach to governance or we are foolish and lost. We will see soon enough when the vote comes around again here in America in 2016. Hopefully the purists in our Democratic party will engage their minds and weigh the cost of helping us win with a less than perfect candidate or allowing a really bad one from the Republican party to emerge victorious because we defaulted our vote.

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