Thursday, June 11, 2015

The nobility of honor (#2323)

You may ask yourself why should I care about what I do or say since I live my life and then it is over. You my think that there is no comprehensive record of your acts and thoughts that will be recorded for eternity so why shouldn't I just care about my own self based wants and needs? You may think that denying yourself whatever it is you desire is a fools errand for no logical purpose in the eternal scope of things. Now you may be afraid of some afterlife you have been told you will pay a price for not being a good person, but that is just conjecture based upon faith or hope. So outside of some possible retribution from a belief system, you are free to be whoever or whatever kind of person you desire. Surely we have laws from our society to help guide us in our behaviors but all too often, too many have found numerous ways to circumvent those laws and they do as they please anyway. My experience has taught me that being a good man is a reward I want for myself. Let me explain. First and most important by being a good man I get to experience life in a noble way. I am refreshed at each awakening to a new day with a confident and serene feeling. Wherever I go I can smile and feel satisfaction in my wake. Other people treat me with respect and with welcoming greetings. A calmness has enveloped me because my acts and purposeful thoughts center around doing good things. I like the concept of honor, it is admirable and worthy of being part of. I tend to think that our Universe is recording our lives in some eternal way. Why do I think that? Because I want my life to be recorded, the bad and the good of it. I wasn't very good starting off but I am finishing my life off with much more good in it. I now understand that what I desire to feel inside me is best experienced when I am being the best at being good. So although I don't specifically know my true destiny in this existence, I do know that the nobility of honor is my quest regardless of where it takes me.

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