Saturday, June 27, 2015

The winds of fate (#2339)

Who knows how destiny or fate or providence actually work? No one does but the whirligig of life does bring about it's curiosities. I don't know why I have met some and not others, other than chance. I don't know why my internal attraction to some is not the same for others. It is a mystery to me but what I can say is that it does happen and for that I am humbled. I can feel what life is doing to me with my experiences and although I am not a real sensitive guy, I am sensitive enough to know that I care and I am cared for. How all this relates to the totality of my life is yet to be revealed but the path that I am on has been consistent and full of promise. Destiny or fate may surely play a role in how I go forward in life but for sure there is one undying principle I know I will follow, to be an honorable man. Resignation and heartache are all part of how life works as well as unexpected surprise and a full heart. To some degree we all have our amounts. Because despite how the circumstances and situations of my real life turn out, a higher plane of existence is my reward in that the memories of days gone by tell me that had my road been different, I could have found a fate far more precious than the one I chose. So it isn't about me not having what it takes or not being worthy of some great life, it is just about me not being the man then that I am now. Funny how life does that to us. We have the life we learn with and then we have the life we live after that. A two part life as it were. The winds of fate are not consistent nor are they always fair, yet they boil down to the choices we make and no amount of wishing or hoping will ever change that.

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