Thursday, June 25, 2015

Your behavior determines who you are, not your words (#2337)

You would think that people would know the difference. yet too many do not. It apparently is what is most convenient to hear that prioritizes what a person does or is doing. In our world of instant fact checking it is easy to see who are the hypocrites and who are genuine, yet that also seems to escape too many. The intelligence of logic is not being rationalized by all. If we can live in a world of cognitive dissonance then our beliefs, whatever they may be, can conflict with reality, common sense and logic and still be correct in our minds. It is as if we are forcing our own imaginary reality onto others regardless if it makes any sense. A sort of demigod approach to our own self importance over the importance of anyone else. None of us is any more unique than another. So for any of us to have an ego the size of a "God" is quite ludicrous. Most all of us can barely survive without the constant interaction from others quite contrarily from how a "God" would exist. So how we act in the same existence we all share is how we express our individual character we must all present to each other. Are we noble in our principles? Do we honor right over wrong? Do we have the courage to protect those who are in need? What kind of human are we? None of these questions has any validity through just words. All of them require us to have evidence through past and present behavior that can be verified from sources outside ourselves. The braggart is first to tell you how good he or she is, the humble are the last to say a word praising themselves. The braggart is more likely to be a person who relies on words to define him/herself whereas the humble rely on actionable behavior. Which one are you?

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