Monday, July 27, 2015

All of us have a say in the future (#2369)

What we do and what we don't do will determine our input into how the future becomes. it isn't enough not to agree with harmful souls, it takes standing up to them and stopping them from going forward with their harm.We are all accountable to ourselves. What is our worth to ourselves? It is as simple as when someone is being racist in conversation, I don't just walk away, I tell them that I won't condone racism in my presence and that they had better not continue it in front of me. If they stop and apologize then all can be forgiven, if not then I take myself away from them and do not return to their presence. I cannot stop others from doing harm in words but I can stop listening and stop giving them my attention. I value myself more than any value they might have to offer. I don't use negatives as a value. I remain positive even when the positive is scarcely visible. My actions are imprinted on those who are in my realm. I can offer others the good in life about how to live and be happy. That is enough of a legacy in itself yet for me I want to do more. So shutting down the offensive and negative that is so often spewed from haters challenges me and I accept the challenge. I will not be bullied or ramroded into a prospective opinion I know is not right. Instead I will argue that the "not rights" of the world always have an ulterior motive that harms some so others can nefariously gain. Although the premises of life are complicated it always boils down to a simple conclusion, do no harm. Even more so, do no harm while trying to do good. I can believe that 99% of us want good in our lives, not the remorseful and regrettable harm that too many without a conscience employ. So we must make known our inner strength to defend what is right and good so that our future and the future of our children is actually better than when we got here.

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