Sunday, July 5, 2015

Always the bigger picture (#2347)

I have my personal likes and dislikes but in the end I must choose one over another. So despite me being less than enthusiastic about one political candidate, if that candidate is my chosen party's choice then that is who I will fight for to win. This is what has hurt us Democrats over the years. We have so many purists in our party that if our candidate doesn't win our party's nomination, we disengage from the voting process. But all that does is give the other side, Republicans, one less vote to have to overcome to win the election. That is the bigger picture. Accepting less than our mostly perfect candidate is a must and still a greater victory than not fighting against the mostly worse candidate from the other side. The bigger picture. I will vote and fight for whoever our candidate is and I would hope that the rest of my party's followers would do the same. Our generation cannot change everything overnight even though we think that is how it should be. We must at least allow for smaller advances in our society when our hopes of a better candidate do not come to fruition. The bigger picture. We are all on the same team we Democrats, so whoever becomes our political leader deserves our respect and our due diligence to get whoever it is elected. Remember, the other side, Republicans, are going to field a candidate that is dead set against helping our party's members. So the worse case is a Republican election victory when we could have had at least some good policies set for our Democrat electorate if we all just got behind our party's nominee. The bigger picture. Republicans will have no such trouble voting for their interests so neither should we. Sticking our heads in the sand out of some duty to be pure is not logical or realistic. So whoever our nominee eventually is should get all of our support. The bigger picture.

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