Sunday, July 19, 2015

Capitalism is a subset of democracy, not the other way around (#2361)

The infectious greed that has overtaken the Republican party is rooted in the idea that capitalism is greater than democracy. The idea of equality, fairness and opportunity are to be held above all things does not compute with Republicans. Instead they hold that making a buck anyway "reasonably" possible, and I use the term "reasonably" as most often defined by unregulated business practices, as a greater ideal than providing for the foundation to foster every American the chance to succeed. In a democracy, we all have a say in how we practice every element of our society. We work to include all of us regardless of difference. We honor those who stand up for our principles by sacrificing blood and treasure to defend our democratic vision. In other words, we work together to improve not only our society but to help those societies outside ours to emulate our success. The problem with our society now is that there is a strain of greed and condescension in too many of our politicians and too many of our electorate that have decided that commerce and elitism is a greater force on Earth than democracy. I entitled this post with the idea to help us recognize that capitalism is not the end all, democracy is the all time end. Everything else within democracy has limits, whereas democracy is the eternal set from which all subsets inhabit. If Capitalism fails to achieve an equal, fair and opportune society then capitalism must be reconstituted. Allowing for other philosophies of economics to flourish. Remembering that our democracy is first above all other things is paramount, everything after democracy can be changed and upgraded to fulfill our democratic ideals. Not the other way around as the Republican party continues to fail to recognize.

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