Friday, July 3, 2015

Hey Conservative Supreme Court, racism is not dead (#2345)

That majority conservative opinion gutting a key section of the civil rights act that protected citizens, especially of color, from previously southern states that habitually practiced voter disenfranchisement was wrongly deicded. The reasoning of the conservative justices was that racism had run it's course and generally was now not a factor in determining state election laws. The idea that these conservative justices, including the Chief Justice, that racism had changed from it's original intent is an unsubstantiated one. Either the conservative justices, all five of them concurring against the four liberal justices who all dissented, are living in a vacuum and cannot readily distinguish the heavy reality that racism still plays in our country's social order, or they failed in their due diligence to research and explore possible ramifications of current attitudes and mores still prominently in action. Either way, ignorance is not to be borne on a body so august with the expectation of wisdom and insight we defer to our Supreme Court. The last two years since this opinion has allowed states to deny voting rights to tens of thousands of American citizens. The conservative Supreme Court justices must have come to realize that their opinion that racism had somehow been overcome was faulty. I see it as plainly as I see the sky yet we have not heard one peep out of those conservative justices that their opinion may have been hubristic at best or flat out wrong at worst. One tell of a human with honorable principled conviction is their ability to admit when they is wrong and move forward with humility. I have yet to see that from any of the conservative justices to their utter shame.

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