Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fix ourselves and the world around us improves (#2358)

It all starts with us. When we decide to do something positive the world around us improves. We are adding to all the other positives being done by all those who also choose to change for the good. I have in the past been part of making things worse for myself and therefore for those around me. Enough of that nonsense. It is true, everything is either directly or inversely proportional. If I do something negative, the negative around me stays constant or increases. If I do something positive, the positive around me stays constant or increases. At least that is what I have found. So those days of me not caring or being too cavalier about truth and facts are over. Everything requires my attention to detail. Nothing can escape the logic I need to apply to it and the emotional bearing it places on not only me but on those who are affected by it. I matter just as much as everyone else does so no time for shirking when what I do or don't do has an effect one way or the other. By fixing ourselves, or in other words, through taking control of our thoughts and actions to a betterment, I control what I let my mind ponder or gravitate towards. I don't have to let thoughts control me I can dismiss them and move onto something more tangible than what ifs or should ofs. I don't have to let my often addictive personality act in ways that do harm to me and to others. I can change my patterns of behavior to reflect the positive I wish to project as who I am. I am not bound by any paradigm that doesn't exhibit qualities I wish to promote, including addictive ones. I have the power within me to be who I want to be regardless of obstacle or circumstance. I have the free will to embrace what it is about this existence that allows me my most useful purpose. My peace and serenity is a product that is derived from the hard work of choosing to be the real inner me, not someone whom I am not.

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