Monday, July 6, 2015

Good paying jobs involved with improving our national infrastructure (#2348)

Here's the deal, we improve our national infrastructure through modernization and efficiency in order to make our nation competitive with any other country as to opportunities to create. This will attract those in business who want a first class base of operations for their products and services which in turn will create business activity throughout our country. This gives us a larger tax base to draw from in order to pay for the upgrade while making life much more economically viable for our working class folks. It is a win/win situation but Republicans are against it for no other reason that they do not want to help our struggling middle class improve. They only want to help the wealthy class increase it's already outlandish advantage in income inequality. Republicans have no interest in a healthy society, they want a dependent society that is willing to fight each other over table scraps. The sooner you realize this the sooner we can defeat their agenda by voting for Democrats. Our Democrat party is the one that has all the progressives and liberals, who historically have been the ones who have brought about large change in our nation's history. Think about it, During the Revolutionary War, it was liberals who fought for Independence and Conservatives who fought to stay with the King. During our civil war, it was liberals and progressives who fought for and end to slavery, although at the time liberals and progressives were in the Republican party, and the conservatives fought to maintain slavery. During the The Second World War and the civil rights movement, it was liberals who fought for and gained Social Security and Medicare, while the conservatives are still fighting to end them. Today, liberals are gathered in the Democratic party, having switched party's again over 90 or so years ago, and now we have the Affordable Care Act. The next great policy for our nation will not come from the conservative Republican party but it will come from the liberal/progressive Democratic party. Shall you join us in making it so?

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