Sunday, July 12, 2015

Leaders think for themselves followers not so much... (#2354)

If you are not the boss of you then someone else is the boss of you. How can you think to matter to anyone if you don't take charge of your own life? The thoughts that cross your mind are yours to control. We all have crazy thoughts but the ones who can control and live by honorable principles are the ones who shape their lives on their terms, not on the terms they default to others. If we want a better life then we, individually, are the force to begin it. It seems to me that we all have the potential to be leaders, it just takes a certain amount of courage to begin. The impetus to begin must come from our core, our soul, our spirit our hearts and minds. The thing that motivates us to happiness and joy while also motivating us to combat anguish and despair. We live this one life here in this precious fragile existence so do we accept our fate to be the boss of ourselves or do we quit to the sense of overwhelmingness that sometimes afflicts us? The worse thing we could do is to stop fighting for what we know is right and good. Our individual destiny is dependent upon us to grasp our present and our future with all our might and allow for the goodness of the human experience to guide us to wherever our fate leads us. I know where my fate doesn't lead me. I doesn't lead me into illogic or harm as a choice. The greatest thing about me controlling my own life is that I get to choose what great thing I can try to achieve. It is my choice and I know I will sacrifice something along the way that I may have desired but in the bigger picture I am following the truth of me and that is far more important that any hoped for personal satisfaction. I matter damn it and I will live my life like I know my mattering to be true!

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