Saturday, July 11, 2015

Racism and democracy are mutually exclusive (#2353)

There is no overlap of these two paradigms. Racism by it's definition is prejudicial and discriminatory. Whereas democracy is defined as allowing for all the citizens of a nation to participate in its governance. One, racism, seeks to exclude while the other, democracy, seeks to include. So for anyone to hold both of these two paradigms at the same time would be logically impossible. So you must ask yourself, am I believer in segregating through racial distinctions or am I a believer in the human being species being equally able to participate in our society? The answer will either be one or the other, but not both simultaneously for it to be logically defended. There is no cognitive dissonant answer that can be justified through argument or debate. One or the other or none at all. You either believe in democracy or you believe in racism or neither. If you are an American and you admit to being racist then you are not a democracy advocate. If you do not hold with democracy and it's principles of equality and fairness then you are not a value to our society. You are either nothing or a drag on our society. Which is a greater purpose for your life, to live with the dynamics of racism such as hatred and destructive harm, or live with building a nation where all can contribute and enjoy the pursuit of happiness as anatomically related human beings? The idea that in the 21st century we are butting up against this idea that the paradigm of racism has a foothold in our nation is appalling and regressive. The Civil War was fought and decided over 150 years ago in favor of freeing any humans from the enslavement of others as law. Why the death of the idea of racism has not followed is not a proud moment for us at this time so many decades later. Just so you know though, you cannot be a democracy loving American and at the same time be a racist. It is logically impossible.

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