Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The broken minds of the arrogant (#2349)

When no sense can be made from those who want to lead it is hard to understand how they got to be who they are and where they are trying to take us. Although it does become clear that nonsense is the path we are being led upon. I would rather follow a leader who has a vision for helping people in not only their struggles but in finding new solutions. There should never be a tradeoff where worse is the tradeoff  for less worse. There should always be a tradeoff of better for good. The philosophy of progress dictates that things get better comprehensively and in a continuum. So when leaders try to tell us that we must sacrifice for a better tomorrow, my suspicions are always proven right in that it seems like only the worse off in society have to sacrifice while the better off in society seem to be unaffected or actually gain instead of sacrificing. Enough of the smoke and mirror logic these arrogant leaders peddle as they try to wean every ounce of resource and energy out of us like we are some utility for their disposal. I work to live, not live to work. I am a human being deserving of respect of being a human being, not just some disposable resource, that is dumped on the trash heap after my utility fails to profit the wealthy. Our leaders must have all of us in their hearts and minds when policies that build upon our democracy are introduced. There are no policies that are logical that ask of us to regress in our destinies. We are an amazing species and all of our civilization is part of that amazement. None of us should have to be shackled to a religious, political or economic policy that doesn't have the full weight of democratic opportunity buttressed with fairness and justice. When leaders tell us that we are the problem, it is time to take back leadership from them and show them that we are not the problem, we are the solution!

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