Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The death struggle of intellectualism (#2356)

Everything that happens irrationally or in an incomprehensible way in our societies stems from a lack of intellectualism. Without the ability to form logical reasoning as a basis for defining truths from fiction is our most debilitating dilemma. There are few societies that have existed that have completely understood this paradigm. Our natural and man made problems are mostly of our doing since we refuse to keep an educated society as a high priority. We seem to think that commerce somehow magically transforms us into elite beings, which is an absurd illogic. Being able to manipulate is not intellectualism. Intellectualism is rational reasoning. Cold and hard. We need our emotions to guide us in our compassion and care, but without the ability to recognize truth, we are left with a whirligig of chaos. Intellectualism is our gift. I have said this countless times but again I will say it here. We are biological data processors. With sensors and memory, to take information and reason, analyze and conclude from it. This is who we are. We are probes who are given a lifespan to fill our information gathering memories with logical knowledge. After a fashion we are then recorders of such information gathered, gleaned and ordered to be passed along to those who follow us like those before us passed along to us. Intellectualism is the path we all are on. None of us is here with our information gathering and creative formulating abilities for any other purpose than to add to the vast accumulation of factual knowledge about this existence. The sequence of our lives is outlined here through the definition of this blog that I give to our natures, we care and we are curious. Our curiosity is our impetus, our genesis to know and our care is to make what we know not only truth but a never ending supply of it. That will only occur through the struggle to elevate intellectualism to the highest priority of our societies.

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