Thursday, July 2, 2015

Work to live not live to work (#2344)

This is just another problem with how out of step Republicans are concerning what Americans want and need. Republicans think we should have to work until we can no longer function as healthy human beings, and then be left to fend for whatever health care we can afford while having little income to help us along, whereas we democrats think we shouldn't have to work ourselves into the grave. Republicans keep pushing this meme that Social Security is in financial trouble so they can make us raise the retirement age. The problem, like many Republicans have manipulated is that the Social Security trust fund was raided when Republican administrations were in control and used for spending on the military, wars and tax breaks for those who are too wealthy as it is, for the most part. The government has a duty to pay back that raided money through the IOU the Social Security trust fund got from the Republican administration at the time of the raid. So the solvency of the Social Security trust fund is still solid since Democrat majority administrations will pay back into the Social Security trust fund. Not only that but Democrat administrations are more likely to increase the contribution cap for bolstering the fund while also lowering the requirement age for retirement and increasing benefits. Anytime after 60 years old should begin the retirement option. I have worked at hard labor for a large part of my working life and this much I know, that type of work is detrimental to any healthy long life. For those of us who are now at the end of our working careers, retirement is not only a wish but it is also a necessity. A time to enjoy life and improve our lives with our new found freedom from the yoke of constant work. I have found that I still work hard at what I do but I don't punch a clock or receive monetary value for it. It gives me great satisfaction to achieve accomplishments without the fear of losing a job or stepping on the toes of those who are fearful of my success.

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